Charge your EV abroad – countries with the most charging points


As more people around the world get an electric car, the demand for public charging points increases. But the development of public charging points is not evenly distributed globally, as some countries are significantly ahead. So, which country do you think has the most public charging stations?

One clue is to glance towards the east as the country with the most charging points also is the country which has the world’s largest population. With a full 516 000 public charging points, China is a clear leader in EV charging. But the number two on our list might surprise you, as it is not the US or Germany, as one might think. Instead, it is the Netherlands, with their 66 000 public charging stations, they are the European leader and global runner-up.

Global top – public charging stations

  1. China – 516 000
  2. Netherlands – 66 000
  3. Japan – 30 000
  4. France – 30 000
  5. Germany – 27 000

Now you might wonder why none of the EV-friendly Nordic countries are not on the list? This is due to the Nordic countries being less populous and therefore not winning in total numbers. On the other hand, if we look at electric cars per public charging station, one of the Nordic countries enters the top five list. This could be a valuable ratio, as charging stations per EV could tell you something about how much you need to stand in line, in order to recharge on the road.

Global top – number of EVs per public charging station

  1. Netherlands – 5
  2. China – 9
  3. Japan – 11
  4. France – 16
  5. Sweden – 19

Countries to avoid with your EV

Are there countries one should avoid on an EV-holiday? Well, there are some countries where it might be wise to keep track of where the charging stations are, as they are in limited supply. In this category we for instance find Romania, who has 493 charging points and Lithuania, which has only 174 public charging stations across the country.

More electric cars on the road increases demand for public charging stations. Therefore, many countries work tirelessly to build more public charging stations. Charge Amps, leaders in charging technology, is in dialog with many entities to support this development and provide even better charging experiences when you are out and about.

At Charge Amps we also wish you a great summer and hope that you, regardless of where you have your vacation, get a chance to recharge your body, soul and EV