Charge Amps Support and RMA handling

If you encounter any problems with your Charge Amps product during installation or usage you can contact our Technical support team by sending us an e-mail to We need you to describe the details of the problem(s) you notice as well as the serial number(s) of the product(s) involved. Our support team will then help you to solve the problem.

When sending an e-mail to our Technical support you will receive a ticket number. This ticket number will be used as identifier of the support case until the case is solved. Please note that the same ticket number will be used as an RMA number.

If the product needs to be returned or exchanged, please note this must be handled with the  reseller that you bought the product from,  the reseller will then arrange any corrective actions together with its distributor.

Warranty replacement and repair

Should a Charge Amps product found to be defective within the warranty period, it is defined as an RMA (Return Material Authorization) claim. This entitles you to have the unit either repaired or replaced. Verification by a Support case is needed to verify that the unit is authorized for RMA. If the product is not repairable it will be replaced with a refurbished unit. To determine a product´s warranty you need to provide a proof of purchase from your reseller (i.e. your invoice or purchase receipt) to the support engineer who will assist you. Read more about Charge Amps warranty policy here.

Out of Warranty and repair

If you have a broken unit that is out of warranty, you are welcome to contact our Technical support for troubleshooting. You will get a cost suggestion for repair or exchange of your faulty unit. If you accept the cost for repair or exchange you are free to return the product as instructed by our support engineer.

Returning products to Charge Amps

Please note that all RMA claims must be returned through the reseller and its distributor.
For out of Warranty returns you will get instructions from the support engineer that handle your case. Please note that all returns must be clearly marked with the RMA number/ticket number on the outside of the package.