Update on Charge Amps and the war in Ukraine

Solna, 15 March 2022

Due to the tense security situation there have been questions about the impact of the conflict in Ukraine on Charge Amps AB. We therefore wish to provide the following information to clarify the situation.

Charge Amps AB stopped all sales to Russia several weeks back.

We have no suppliers in Russia, Belarus or Ukraine, which means that we do not have any direct exposure to these countries. Nor do we use any components manufactured in Russia.

We have, however, shipped products from Asia by train passing through Russia. This method of shipment is not currently possible so we have redirected our goods to be supplied via alternative routes, such as sea freight.

We are monitoring developments and their possible impact on other areas of our business and our thoughts are with all the people affected by this war.

With kind regards
Charge Amps AB