The best EV convertibles


What could be better than cruising down the road with wind in your hair and sun reflecting in the rear-view mirror? Probably doing it in an electric car. Currently there are limited options for those who would like to have a convertible version of their EV. However, we have compiled an overview of the existing market and plans for the future.  

So why is the development of convertible EVs so slow? Those who know say that a number of reasons hamper the speed of things. One reason is that open tops are heavier due to the roof construction, which could influence EV reach. Also as they need a different type of security structure, it has been said to be hard to fit next to the battery of EVs.

Having said that, there are actually options for those who would like an EV convertible now. And there are plenty of exciting plans from the manufacturers. If you want an open top EV right now, there are mainly three options:

  1. Go for a Smart EQ Fortwo cabrio. It is a compact open top EV with room for two and a reach of 120 kilometers. People say it is a fun drive and can take you to the beach and back.
  2. Buy a Tesla Model S or Model 3 and hire an external shop that removes the roof and reworks it into a cab. Up until now this has been mostly done in the US.
  3. Try to get your hands on one of the earlier models who are no longer in production. It could be a Tesla Roadster or BMW i8 EV convertible, if you find them on the market for used cars.

Electric cars of the future

For those who could wait for some time, there are plenty of exciting things ahead. GM and Wuling Motors have presented a new EV convertible with the name Hongguang Mini EV Cabrio. It is an open top version of the Mini EV, which actually has sold more than Tesla 3 in China.

Also an electric Hummer with open top is planned to enter the market in 2024, featuring 830 horsepower, so hold your hat for that one.

There are also plans being made as manufacturers like Volkswagen have opened for a convertible version of their ID.3. Currently they are inviting the public to give their opinion on the project. Bentley is also predicted to have plans for an open top-version of the Continental GT and Nissan is said to plan a convertible Leaf.

Going forward

Wanting to have both an EV and an open top should not be impossible and there are some exciting options ahead. Until then we can hop into a Smart or open the windows of your regular EV and pretend the AC is the wind in your hair.

We wish you a nice summer!