EV charger

Charge Amps Halo

Created for the Nordic climate with the highest IP rating on the market.

Charging station Charge Amps Halo on a pole mount
EV charger

Charge Amps Halo

Created for the Nordic climate with the highest IP rating on the market.

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Our compact best-selling charging station

This compact but powerful charging station is OCPP-compatible and can be connected to preferred cloud service. With the highest IP rating on the market, a thoughtfully designed and compact form, and an extra Schuko socket, it is no surprise that the Charge Amps Halo is our best seller.

The Charge Amps Halo features LED lighting, providing illumination and direction in the dark, a fixed cable that retains flexibility in temperatures down to -25°C, an extra Schuko socket for cabin heaters, and the highest IP rating (IP 66) on the market. It’s no surprise that the Charge Amps Halo is our most popular charging station for private residential, housing cooperative, or company settings. Quite simply a complete charging station truly created for our tough Nordic climate.

Top-class user-friendly engineering
  • Connected to a cloud service
  • Made from recycled aluminium
  • 7.5 m fixed cable
  • Extra Schuko socket
  • 7.4–11 kW
Charging station Charge Amps Halo

Designed for multi-functionality

Charge Amps Halo is connectable and accessible through the Charge Amps Cloud. All charger functions are controlled using the cloud service, which also provides history for reporting and statistical purposes.

We send out over-the-air updates to ensure the charging station always has the latest software and all features (just like the way your mobile device is kept updated).

Naturally, the Charge Amps Halo can also connect to OCPP-compatible cloud services so that you can manage most functions yourself. These might include scheduling, load balancing, or adding payment functions.

Charging station Charge Amps Halo
Charge Amps HALO COMES WITH A SOCKET UNDERNEATH FOR CHARGING, for example, an electric bicycle, engine heater or vacuum cleaner

Charging station Charge Amps Halo
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Product information

Technical specification
Operating temperatures: -30°C to +45°C
Charging standard: Mode 3
Identification: RFID
Internet connection: WiFi, LAN (applies to certain models)
Communication protocol: OCPP 1.6J (Applies to certain models.)
Fault current protection: DC-protection integrated in the charger.
External type A RCD breaker required.
Metering: 1- or 3-phase voltage, current and output power
(equivalent to the Measuring Instruments Directive 2014/32/EU)
IP rating: IP 66
IK rating: IK 10
Cable: 7.5 m long, reinforced
Diameter: 13 mm (7.4 kW and 11 kW) ±0.5 mm
Dimensions (W x D x H): Charge Amps Halo: 262.4 x 159.4 x 203.2 mm
Charging connector: 81 × 125 × 88 mm
Weight: 4 kg

Charge Amps Halo 7.4 kW

Part number: Type 1: 100306
Type 2: 100307, 130577 (OCPP)
Supply voltage: 230/400 V 50 Hz 32 A
Phase: 1*
Current: 1-phase 32 A**
Connector: Type 1 or Type 2
Electrical/Schuko socket: No

Charge Amps Halo 11 kW

Part number: Type 1: 100392
Type 2: 101082
Type 2, Schuko: 100308
Type 2, OCPP: 130800
Type 2, Schuko, OCPP: 130578
Supply voltage: 230/400 V 50 Hz 16 A
Phase: 1–3***
Current: 3-phase 16 A
Connector: Type 2
Electrical/Schuko socket: Yes / No*

*Electrical/Schuko socket is only available on some markets
**3-phase connection for smoother shift of active charging phase and load balancing
***For IT net only 1-phase 230 V

Compatible with most makes of car

Charge Amps Halo is compatible with most plug-in hybrids and electric cars.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Charge Amps Halo?

Charge Amps Halo is our most popular charging station that uses smart software to provide optimum charging of your electric car.

What is included when you purchase a Charge Amps Halo?

You will find a Halo charging station, external WiFi antenna, five-pin terminal connector for the feed current, wall holder for the charging cable, RFID tag (certain models only), documents with serial number and password and an installation manual in the package.

How do you install it?

Charge Amps Halo can be installed on both walls and poles. Remember that a qualified electrician is required to carry out the installation.

What makes Charge Amps Halo unique?

Charge Amps Halo is stylishly designed from recycled aluminium, has guiding LED lighting and is fitted with a flexible charging cable that is flexible down to as low as -25°C. It also has an extra Schuko socket for an e-bike or engine heater.

Where can you buy it?

If you want to buy a Charge Amps Halo you can obtain it from one of our knowledgeable resellers around the country.