About us

About us


Charging forward
We are always taking steps to stay leaps ahead. Pairing technology and user friendliness to challenge the status quo and break new ground.


A brighter world
We exist to create a brighter world, shaped by intelligence and sustainability. And to accelerate the transition to an electrified life, bringing smart and purposeful solutions to make life easier for people. And much easier on the world

Brand promise

Simply electrifying
Electric products. Electrifying results. Smart solutions that are easy to use. Beautifully executed. Always sustainable. And a gateway to a smarter ecosystem and a world of experiences.

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Simply electrifying

At Charge Amps we firmly believe that outstanding products not only enhance people’s lives but benefit the entire world. This is what drove Fredrik Jonsson to found Charge Amps in 2012. Fredrik was not alone in recognising that a sustainable future requires a transition away from fossil fuel dependency, but he was one of the more impatient ones. The fact that a high-tech car had to use unsustainably manufactured chargers that were anything but intelligent, was an eyesore to his love for progress. Fredrik and co-founder Boel Rydenå Swartling set about to create a charger to be intelligent, sustainable, user friendly and aesthetically pleasing. Charge Amps was born.

That pioneering spirit is still very much present. Our products tackle the demands of today, while bringing tomorrow closer – what was once a charger has grown into an entire ecosystem, that intelligently connects cars to buildings and beyond. Always with our customers at the centre of it all. And while our products are designed to withstand the toughest climate, they are manufactured to keep that same climate intact. All our products are made from recycled materials, and we are constantly looking to improve our production chain.

Charge Amps was created to make a change. In people’s lives and for the world we all live in. And as long as there’s an opportunity to make things better, we will keep charging forward. Making electrified life, simply electrifying. For many years to come.

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Olle Tholander

Olle Tholander has more than 20 years’ international experience in leading and developing organizations with a focus on sales, business development and business management. He has held numerous senior posts at companies such as Climeon, Ericsson and h&z Management Consulting.

Olle works with pursuing business development and up-scaling in order to develop the company’s growth and expansion.


Fredrik Jonsson

An entrepreneur with extensive experience in systems architecture/development and electronic design.

He has founded companies in e-commerce, internet consulting, electronics design and now electric vehicle charging.

Created Charge Amps in 2012.


Jonas Åkesson

Many years’ experience of business development in manufacturing companies such as Ericsson, ÅF, Emerson, Biosensor Applications, myFC, etc.

Åkesson has a Masters degree in engineering from KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.

He has worked at Charge Amps since 2016.

CHIEF sales, marketing, support & services

Robert Lindell

Robert Lindell has more than 25 years’ international experience within IT, telecom, renewable energy & electrical manufacturing area.

During his career he was based in Europe, Americas and in the Asia Pacific region, but has been doing business all over the world.

He held numerous leadership positions (sales & general management) at companies like Ericsson, Ascom, Dingli Communications, Elektroskandia (Sonepar), Tongyu Technology and Powerbox.

Robert joined Charge Amps March 2021 to help with the international expansion and with development of the companies’ global accounts and was later appointed Chief Revenue Officer January 2023.


Kristina Elfström Mackintosh

Kristina has a wide range of experience, having worked as a CFO for more than 20 years and held other senior positions in listed and unlisted groups and companies. She holds a BSc in Business and Economics from Uppsala University and studied Legal Affairs, Psychology, IT Management, E-commerce, Business English and Astronomy at a number of different Swedish universities and African Politics at the University of South Africa. Kristina was formerly a certified auditor at Arthur Andersen.

Kristina’s most recent role was as Group CFO for Lagercrantz Group, a technology group that offers value-creating technical solutions, until she joined Charge Amps at the end of 2021.


Sandra Nistell

Sandra has many years’ experience in both the human resources and education sectors. Her most recent role was HR Director of a global matrix organisation involved in digital security.

She holds a BSc in Business and Economics from Stockholm University.

She joined Charge Amps in 2021.

Board of directors


Anders Dahl

Anders has over 30 years’ experience of the energy industry in both Sweden and other markets in Northern Europe. He was also head of Wind Power, Distribution and Sales operations at Vattenfall. In addition to working as a strategic advisor, Anders has seat on the Boards of Adven Oy and Värmevärden AB, and is a member of IVA (the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences). Anders is also a member of the Board of Klimatet Invest AB.


Boel Rydena-Swartling

Boel holds a Master’s degree in International Business from Gothenburg School of Economics and studied Psychology at Stockholm University. She has held the roles of Product Manager at Procter & Gamble and Marketing Manager at Microsoft Nordic. Moreover, she was previously CEO of Viacom Television, where she was responsible for building up the company’s operations in the Nordic region (MTV, Nickelodeon). Boel initiated and built up the Swedish capital market day, Sweden Sustaintech Venture Day, and has served on a number of boards including the Swedish Government’s advisory group for the digital economy, the Global Utmaning (Global Challenge) think tank, IT Builder AB and Propel Capital AB. In addition to this, she has been a member of the boards of several companies in the green technology sector.


Anders Järvelä

Anders has extensive experience from senior positions in the energy industry and is currently the manager of Skellefteå Kraft’s group strategy and portfolio company. He is a member and/or chairman of the boards of several companies in the energy sector.

Anders holds an MSc from Chalmers University in Gothenburg and has also completed an executive MBA course.


Britt Hansson

Britt Hansson is CEO and the group manager of OK ekonomiska förening. She is a member of the board at KF, OKQ8, OKQ8 Bank, Fremia and Folksam Liv. Britt is also the Chair of the Board for the Auditing and Compliance Committee at Folksam Liv.

Britt has previously been a member of the board at Arithma Shared Service, Petrolia, as well as Apotek, Production and Laboratories.

Britt holds a Degree of Master of Science in Business and Economics from Örebro University and has undergone leadership training at Ashridge Business School and Harvard Business School in the USA.


Mona Abbasi

Mona Abbasi is Customer Experience Officer for the electric vehicle manufacturer Polestar. Mona is a member of the charity committee for the Jonas & Christina af Jochnick Foundation, which supports sustainable initiatives, and she possesses experience in board work from the years she devoted to the Board of Oriflame. Mona has a solid base of executive experience from positions with companies including Husqvarna, Electrolux and Sony Ericsson. Mona studied cultural geography at Stockholm University, management at Stockholm School of Economics, and digital strategy at Harvard University in the United States.

Nomination Committee

  • Tomas Norderheim, Chairman and appointed by owner OK
  • Anders Dahl – Chairman of Board and independent
  • Erik Jonsson – Appointed by Skellefteå Kraft AB
  • Boel Rydena Swartling – CO-founder and board member
  • Caroline Sjösten – Swedbank Robur – Owner