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Charge Amps Cloud

Our cloud service for your charging

Your route to optimised charging, monitoring and economy

A charging station connected to the internet is just the start. It’s what is in the cloud that creates the value. Charge Amps Cloud makes everyday life easier for private individuals, organisations, associations and companies. Charge Amps Cloud has three administration levels and an open API (*), which enables almost unlimited integration with other platforms.


(*) An API (Application Programming Interface) is an automated way of downloading and uploading data. It can most easily be explained as the building blocks that allow data to be used more efficiently. Data is most effective when it is made use of, and an open API means that it is designed to work with other systems.

The APIs in Charge Amps Cloud allow digital services and products to communicate with other manufacturers with open APIs, thus making it easier for users to use.

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Charge Amps Cloud
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Over-the-air updates

Always updated


We update the cloud services continuously and automatically update your charging station(s) with the latest software, without you having to do anything. When you choose Charge Amps Cloud, you know you will always have the latest in proven technological development, safe charging and optimised administration. Smart charging with products that are sustainable in the long term should be a matter of course in new smart properties and smart homes.

The functions enabled by the system are:

  • Reporting / invoicing data
  • Statistics
  • Identification
  • Phase allocation
  • Load balancing
  • Dynamic load balancing

Charge Amps Cloud has three administration levels

Choose between Partner, Admin and End User. You choose your level depending on whether you are a private individual with your own electric car and own one or more chargers, or an installer responsible for the operation of several different installations, or perhaps you are the treasurer of a housing association who administers all the charging stations in your system. All levels have clear and simple user interfaces customised for your specific requirements.

Charge Amps Cloud also has white-label solutions for organisations, companies and associations.


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Partner level is for those who are installers, and/or resellers of Charge Amps’ products, responsible for the operation of several different installations.

As a Partner, you set up RFID at Partner level, install load balancing and a power monitor – the unit that reports on consumption for external users – and obtain reports at Partner level.

As a Partner you can take on the role of Administrator for one of the organisations you are responsible for. Read more about the functions you have access to as an Administrator under Administrator level.


Laptop showing login to Charge Amps cloud

Administration level is suitable for those who are responsible for the charging stations in a housing association, company or organisation, where several residents or users charge their cars at different charging stations. Our cloud service collects data relating to electricity consumption, thus allowing the association or company to obtain reports on the consumption that they, in turn, can send to the property manager responsible for invoicing. As an administrator you can give end users access to the charging stations by creating individual accounts and linking RFID tags to them. This in turn makes it easy to find out who should pay for the electricity they have used. This is only one option and not a requirement in order to access the charging stations. In addition, you can schedule charging, check charging stations, obtain manual reports and set up automatic reports. You can also obtain an overview of statistics, load balancing and the power monitor – the unit that reports on the consumption of external users.

There is also a ‘Charger import’ feature in the Administration interface, which allows you to upload a file with details of all the charging stations in an organisation. This allows the Administrator to quickly and conveniently add charging stations and set up the relevant configuration without needing to manually enter the charging stations one by one.

End user

Laptop showing login to Charge Amps cloud

Charge Amps Cloud supports the use of several charging stations so that you as an end customer can own and use several different chargers. For example, if you have one charging station for your home and one for your country cottage, or you make use of your housing association’s charging stations.

As an end user you can choose to use an RFID tag to access the charging station. If you use a private charging station, the RFID tag also allows you to unlock the charging station. By being able to lock the charging station, you disable unauthorised access and can go on holiday in a relaxed state of mind without worrying whether someone else will use your charging station in your absence.

As an end user, you have control over your charging in our cloud. If you own a Charge Amps Halo charging station, you have control over features such as switching sockets on or off, scheduling your charging, switching on your extra Schuko socket, controlling the brightness of the ring on the outside edge of your Halo, as well as downloading basic statistics about your charging.

If you own an Charge Amps Aura, you have the same features that allow you to switch sockets on or off, schedule your charging and download basic statistics about your charging. You also have features that allow you to lock the cable in place on the charging station, and select the brightness of Charge Amps Aura. You control these features, like for Charge Amps Halo, in the cloud, where you can choose to control one or both of Charge Amps Aura’s charging sockets.

Practical technological development

Load balancing


Charge Amps is at the cutting edge in terms of the development of innovative solutions for useable technology. Load balancing is one example of this. A load balancing system makes it just as easy and seamless to charge an entire garage as a single car, and ensures optimum use is made of the power grid. When more than one electric car or hybrid needs to be charged at the same place, load balancing optimises the available current. Load balancing ensures the system is easily configured to the size of the main fuse in the home, which allows you to avoid having to upgrade the main fuse while also ensuring the home’s electrical system is not overloaded. If several charging stations need to be installed, this can be done without any problems. Load balancing takes care of any additional charging stations and makes sure that everything is constantly adjusted and optimised to the home’s electricity consumption. Load balancing ensures greater use of the output, better economy and enhanced safety.