Charge amps proudly presents: Simply electrifying moments

A sudden flash of light in the dark can be really scary. But if you just dare to come closer, it might turn out to be something amazing. Why not watch our new commercials starring Charge Amps Halo, two space explorers and a boy that cannot sleep?

The products that charge forward.

Intelligent, sustainable and beautifully designed charging solutions for electric vehicles, connecting car to home, and beyond. An intuitive app and cloud-based software unlock a world of customisation and bright functionalities. All empowering you to move in the right direction.

Charge forward, everywhere

From the smallest household to large-scale parking houses,
we are there for every need.

Smart electric car charging is an entirely new reality. Charge Amps ensures that you wake up every morning and go out to a fully charged car that has charged overnight when electricity is at its cheapest.
For your home
Future-proofed and optimised charging solution for those living in housing associations and joint-ownership properties.
For the garage
When you need to invest in charging infrastructure for your company, we have advanced technical solutions that are easy to use to cover all your needs. This applies whether the charging stations are intended for more public use or are in separate office garages.
In public & office