EV charger

Charge Amps Aura

Semi-public charging station with 2 x 22 kW sockets

EV charger

Charge Amps Aura

Semi-public charging station with 2 x 22 kW sockets

Our complete EV charger that can charge two vehicles simultaneously with up to 22 kW per socket.

The Charge Amps Aura is OCPP-compatible and can be connected to preferred cloud service. This charging station allows you to charge two vehicles simultaneously with up to 22 kW per socket. Swedish industrial design that not only charges your electric vehicle, but also adds aesthetic value to your property.

The Charge Amps Aura was thoughtfully conceived by industrial designer Joachim Nordwall, former lead designer for sports car manufacturer Koenigsegg, and is built from sustainable recycled aluminum. Complete with associated cloud solution and the option to use Charge Amps Cloud or another cloud service. These and other features facilitate integration for companies, housing cooperatives, and end users.

  • Connected to a cloud service
  • 2 x 22 kW, but can be set to any lower power level
  • Load balancing between sockets
  • Easy to install
  • ISO 15118 ready
  • Made from recycled aluminium
  • Connection via WiFi
Charge Amps Aura Pole Mount, and a electric car

Future-proof and ready for tomorrow’s technical challenges

The Charge Amps Aura is ISO 15118-ready, which opens up a number of possibilities in anticipation of future electric vehicles supporting vehicle-to-grid technology. In the future, the electric car will serve not only as a vehicle, but also as energy storage; this calls for a charging station that is ready for this technology.

Designed for multi-functionality

When the Charge Amps Aura is connected to the Charge Amps Cloud, you have complete control over the charger and its functions, such as load balancing and scheduling. History is available in the cloud for reporting and statistical purposes.

We send out over-the-air updates to ensure the charging station always has the latest software and all features (just like the way your mobile device is kept updated).

Naturally, the Charge Amps Aura can also connect to OCPP-compatible cloud services so that you can manage most functions yourself. These might include scheduling, load balancing, or adding payment functions.

Charging station Charge Amps Aura
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Product information

Technical specification

Aura / Aura LTE

Part number: Aura: 101010 and 1309009
Aura LTE: 101010-LTE and 130908
Charging current: 6–32 A, 1 or 3-phase per socket
Voltage: 230/400 V
Charging standard: Mode 3
Operating temperature: -30°C to +45°C
Identification: RFID
Internet connection: WiFi, LAN and 4G (applies to certain models)
Communication protocol: OCPP 1.6J (applies to certain models)
Fault current protection: Separate DC fault current protection and a type A RCBO are integrated into the charger for each socket
Metering: 3-phase voltage, current and output power
(equivalent to the Measuring Instruments Directive 2014/32/EU)
IP rating: IP 55
IK rating: IK 10
Sockets: Type 2, 2 × 22 kW simultaneously
Dimensions (W x D x H): 367 x 159 x 405 mm
Weight: 10 kg

Specifications for Charge Amps Aura 4G

Max RF output power: 32 dBm@GSM, 24 dBm@WCDMA, 23 dBm@LTE
SIM card: Standard SIM


Compatible with most makes of car

Charge Amps Aura is compatible with most plug-in hybrids and electric cars.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Charge Amps Aura?

Charge Amps Aura is a complete charging station with double sockets – perfect for the home or a place where it is necessary to charge two electric cars at the same time.

What is included when you purchase a Charge Amps Aura?

You will find an Charge Amps Aura charging station, configuration document, two keys for the cylinder lock, a cable slide with fittings, plugs and screw in the package.

How do you install it?

Charge Amps Aura can be installed on both walls and poles. Remember that a qualified electrician is required to carry out the installation.

What makes Charge Amps Aura unique?

Charge Amps Aura is a top-class charging station whose double 22 kW sockets allow you to rapidly charge two electric cars at the same time.

Where can you buy it?

If you want to buy a Charge Amps Aura you can obtain it from one of our knowledgeable resellers around the country.

Customer case study

Thomas has a Charge Amps Aura at his Djursholm home

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