The economics of charging stations


Right now a lot of people, both individuals and organisations, are considering whether or not they should install charging stations at home. A key factor in this is of course how much it would cost. At Charge Amps we have for many years offered support in these areas and now share our best practice. 

There are a number of factors that influence the price of a charging station, such as: 

  • Where in the country you want it installed
  • If it is indoor or outdoor
  • The distance between the charging station and the distribution box
  • How many sockets you want
  • What type of wall you want it mounted on
  • If the main fuse needs to change
  • If there is Wi-Fi-coverage nearby

It might sound complicated but luckily it is not. There are many vendors in the market who offers packaged deals to a fixed cost. With this you know exactly how much it will cost, and these packages include everything you need from installation to testing of the charging station. 

Charging stations increase valuations

It is becoming more evident that charging stations are increasing the valuation of apartments and houses. Both individuals and housing associations report that valuations have increase after charging stations have been installed. It is also becoming more and more of a hygiene factor to have charging stations installed next to your housing. 

Load balancing saves money 

Another key factor when considering the cost of charging stations is load balancing. With this functionality you can ensure you charge in an optimal way, when the energy fees and consumption is at its lowest. It also enables you to coordinate usage with the rest of the house, and thereby save money. 

Future proofing your charging stations

It is also important to choose a charging station that is future proof. It means choosing equipment made from sustainable material that works in all conditions. It is also about choosing a producer with the right technology and software, so you do not need to upgrade your charging station after just a few years. 

Government subsidies

It will cost some money to install a charging station, but if you count the costs you will notice that the property value often increases, and it reduces your costs for charging your electric car. All in all, there has never been a better time to get your own charging station. With clearly priced packages and vendors in every corner of the country, you get great return on investment. So, in other words, great news as we move towards a more sustainable future!

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