Migration to OCPP


We are currently implementing the transition of charger’s communication protocol from CAPI (Charge point API) to the international standard OCPP (Open Charge Point Protocol) on Charge Amps Halo and Charge Amps Aura.

OCPP is the industry-standard for Electric Vehicle charging. It enables seamless and bidirectional communication between chargers and CMS (Central Management Systems), contributing to the interoperability among diverse vendors.

This upgrade will ensure a smoother and more efficient EV charging experience for partners, owners and end users.


How the migration works?

Charge Amps handles the entire process. The only prerequisite required from admins or owners is to ensure the chargers are set online with stable connectivity during over-the-air migration.

The charger will be offline during the transition, and it will reappear back online automatically afterwards.

When the upgrade is completed, “OCPP” will appear on the Charge Amps Cloud charger’s page:

  • Charge Amps Aura – OCPP
  • Charge Amps Halo – OCPP


Settings to be done after OCPP upgrade:

If you are the charger’s admin or owner:


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