Five demands you should make of electric car charging


Only invest in charging systems adapted to the Nordic climate.

This should be a matter of course. The Nordic countries have an extreme climate, and the easiest way to ensure that your charging system functions well is to have as high an IP rating as possible. Moisture and electricity are a particularly bad combination and when the climate messes with your charger, your car may simply have to stay where it is. Charge Amps’ products are manufactured in Sweden and aim to optimise charging in an extremely demanding climate. Always choose charging stations with a market-leading IP rating. One example is Charge Amps Halo, which is rated as high as IP 66.

Real future-proofing

It makes most sense for your charging products to be updated via the internet through their software. Maybe while you sleep, so you know that you’ll be starting each day with the latest in terms of software development. In 2020, many may imagine that this is a reasonable standard, but unfortunately it is something you need to check carefully. Some modern chargers can only be updated through physical measures taken by technicians sent out on field visits. Others must be replaced after a year or two because they’re based on a technological dead end. Always choose future-proof.

Stylish and well-designed

Unambitious and awkward technology on the outside tells you all you need to know about the inside. The most innovative products can be recognised by a more sophisticated design. Touch them. Your hands will feel the difference immediately. You will identify the best technical products more effectively with your hands, eyes and ears than by reading technical specifications. Always choose charging products that are carefully designed by leading industrial designers. They provide superior usability while being an attractive part of your property and nurturing the heart of your electric car.

Sustainable production at every stage

Environmental thinking is about more than just electricity. Your charging products should be sustainably produced at all stages. All Charge Amps charging stations are made of recycled aluminium, and our products are manufactured in Sweden under a strict sustainability regime. Technical specialisation and high demands regarding material selection ensure you get a market-leading charging product that is sustainably manufactured. The right choice of material and meticulous design – from the inside out – create chargers with high capacity that fit easily into the context of your home or workplace.

Optimum software for home and office charging

Today’s solutions for electric car charging always include both hardware and software. The charging station should be connected to some form of cloud service that helps optimise charging flows for your car while compiling information on how the charging process turned out. Since 2015, Charge Amps has unique proprietary software adapted for home and office charging and all the needs and expectations this entails.


Some of the things you should require from your equipment are:

  • Advanced load balancing solutions, allowing everyone in your home or at work to charge at the same time, even if the power supply is limited.
  • The ability to save money by charging when it’s cheap, optimise your charging and connect your solar cells to the system.
  • The inclusion of all conceivable statistics, and automatic reports being created in a simple manner that allows you to incorporate billing documentation without any problems.
  • The ability to both control and monitor who can – and who has permission to – charge at each charging station.
  • The inclusion of at least three different levels of administration that make it easy to separate the installer, end-user and, for example, the person responsible for charging in your housing association.

All of the above is currently free of charge with Charge Amps products, and we’ll soon also be offering the opportunity to connect charging stations of other makes, enabling you to control several different chargers with a single software system.

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