How to choose the right charging station – recommendations to house owners


The sales of electrical vehicles increase every month and as we welcome the spring many houseowners want to install a charging station in their home. Maybe you survived your first few months as an EV-owner by using public charging stations and wall sockets at home. But as you know by now, public charging stations cost in the long run and charging in your normal wall socket is not a good solution, as they are not made for serious charging for longer periods of time.

That is why most houseowners decide to get a charging station at their house, and that is why we have put together great recommendations for those of you who are in this process.

  1. Go for the future proof option

If we know one thing for sure, it is that the development within EVs go by lightning speed. It is therefor wise to invest in a future proof charging station. It means that it can handle enough power but also that it is made of sustainable material, such as recycled aluminium rather than plastic. Watch out for promised bargains on products with insufficient capacity or poor material.

  1. Fixed or free?

We are talking cables of course. Whether you should choose a fixed or removable cable is a query that divides nations. The advocates for a removable cable highlight the option to bring it with you as you go on the road. The other fraction stresses the convenience of a fixed cable, as you do not need to go to your trunk every time to get your cable. Those who favour a fixed cable also usually suggest that you have a separate charging cable in your car, to bring on trips.

  1. Go for smartness

Choose a charging station that is connected to smart cloud services and has an easy-to-use app that can control everything. This way you get access to all sorts of information on your usage and also options to optimise your charging according to your needs and habits. Also ensure that the charging station that you choose offers up to date software and apps, making sure it works well both now and in the future.

  1. Keep your eye on the total

Investing in a charging station will cost you money, but if you do the math you will notice how much it can increase the value of your property and how much it can lower your costs for charging your EV. With smart and transparent packages, installed by partners all over the country, it is both easy and profitable.

  1. Go for load balancing

Load balancing is an addition that you do not want to be without. Load balancing ensures that you do not overload your power grid or blow your fuses. It also helps you synchronise charging your car with the electricity consumption in other parts of the house. By charging less when your household is active with cooking and TV and more at night when there is free capacity, you could also often save money.

As a lot of people now buy their first charging station it can be worth noticing that it has never been easier to find a charging station that fits your needs. Just follow our recommendations and you will get the right energy, for both yourself and your car!
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