How to future proof your charging station – 10 key areas


Many households, residential and commercial buildings are currently in the process of investing in charging stations. For many it is the first time they buy a charging station, and the aim is to invest in something they can use for a long period of time. Therefore, the experts at Charge Amps have put together a list of key areas for you to consider before making a decision.

The market for electric cars is growing significantly and as more and more people get EVs the need for infrastructure to charge and manage the vehicles also increases. Many homes and commercial buildings are now in the process of installing charging stations. The market offerings have also increased, and startups mix with market leaders. For first-time buyers it is not always so easy sorting it all out.

Since it is a key investment for many it is also important that the charging equipment lasts over time. So how do you ensure your charging station is future proof?

The experts at Charge Amps has listed 10 key areas:

  1. Pick a solution that allows increased capacity. Even if you know you might use 7 kW, it could very well be so that you will use 22 kW in the future.
  2. Ensure that your charging station has an intelligent app who is continuously updated with new functionality to make it easier to manage your charging station.
  3. Select a solution that is made from durable material, consider that your charging station will be placed in a garage or outdoors for many years and should withstand variations in temperature and weather in a good way.
  4. Ensure your solution is constructed from recycled material, such as Charge Amps charging stations which are made from recycled aluminum, which both future proofs your charging station as well as the planet.
  5.  Select a charging station that can manage upcoming technologies like vehicle-to-grid, where the charging station not only charges your vehicle, but also can use your EV to reverse power back to the grid.
  6. Pick a solution that has a design that you like, since you will likely see your charging station every day for several years, and therefore it can be worth investing in a stylish solution.
  7. Find a vendor that will be here for years to come, like Charge Amps who has a market leading role and continuous expansion into new markets.
  8. Ensure your producer invests in innovation and research, to ensure your charging equipment will be continuously updated with latest software and new smart functionality.
  9. Pick a vendor that understands the climate in which you are based and tests their equipment in that climate. It is a big difference operating in +30 degrees vs. -30 degrees Celsius.
  10. Make sure your charging station can handle future standards, such as type 2 connectors, which will be the most common in Europe going forward.

Charge Amps has extensive experience in guiding individuals and companies regarding smart investments in charging infrastructure. The company also has a leading role in the market when it comes to developing charging stations of the future. Please contact us for more information on how you create the best possible conditions to charge in your building today and well into the future.

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