Swedish growth company Charge Amps in major European deal with Vattenfall


With a growing market for electric vehicles around the world, new solutions for charging are emerging, especially in the home market. In a recently signed deal, Swedish company Charge Amp’s premium designed and user friendly charging stations will be offered to Vattenfall’s energy clients in five European countries including Sweden, Norway, Germany, UK and the Netherlands.

In Norway, where the charging market is mature thanks to strong government subsidies, studies have shown that 90 per cent of all charging is done at home or in the office during the day. Hence, the “gas station” behavior is changing as charging can be done whenever the car is parked. Charge Amps has a unique position in this market development as both design and user friendliness of the solutions will grow more and more important.

– These markets have been pin-pointed in our business plan from the beginning and this deal strikes right into our strategy. We are now raising funds for an aggressive international expansion why the deal couldn’t have landed at a better time, says CEO Pontus Frohde.

InCharge from Vattenfall is a complete service consisting of both hardware, installation and services for consumers and corporate markets. Vattenfall intends to service electric vehicle owners in co-operation with local energy providers, cities and local companies with this offer.

The market for electric vehicles is growing fast thanks to government support and subsidies, but also because of the general growing climate change awareness.

– The position we have in the beginning of a high growth market with huge potential is highly exciting. We are thrilled to reach out with our passion for Swedish design and user friendly charging solutions on the international market, says Pontus Frohde.

Charge Amps develop a secure and user friendly experience and co-operate with well known Swedish industrial designers for ensuring premium products, amongst others Koenigsegg’s co-designer Joachim Nordwall.


Charge Amps is a Swedish growth company developing and producing smart, user friendly charging solutions with premium design for electric vehicles. Charge Amps is taking a leading position in a smart energy ecosystem where advanced platforms and services will be necessary. The company was founded in 2012 when CTO Fredrik Jonson was unhappy with the cables that came with his electric vehicle and decided to build his own on his kitchen table. Today Charge Amps is a fast growing company with 30 employees charging vehicles in 32 markets globally. All product development and production are made in Sweden.