A chat with our CEO – Part 1


We had a quick chat with our CEO, Johannes Boson, and asked him what his vision for the future is.


As the CEO of Charge Amps, how do you envision the future of electric vehicle charging infrastructure evolving in the next decade, and where do you see Charge Amps’ role within that landscape?


“Over the next decade, I see the electric vehicle charging infrastructure undergoing transformative changes. With a surge in EV adoption, we anticipate a more diversified charging ecosystem that caters to various vehicle types, power needs, and user behaviours. Rapid advancements in battery technology will further push for faster charging solutions, reduced charging times, and enhanced energy storage capabilities.

At Charge Amps, we aim to be at the forefront of these innovations. Our vision is to provide holistic charging solutions that are not only efficient and fast but also sustainable and user-friendly. We believe in creating an interconnected network of charging stations, integrated with smart grid technologies, to optimize energy usage and minimize the environmental footprint.

Furthermore, as the demand for EVs grows globally, there will be a significant need for scalable and adaptable charging infrastructure, especially in urban areas and along transportation corridors. Charge Amps is committed to collaborating with partners, stakeholders, and policymakers to develop robust and resilient charging networks that can support the mass adoption of electric vehicles.

In essence, Charge Amps aspires to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of electric vehicle charging, ensuring that it is accessible, reliable, and sustainable for all.”