Power monitor a reliable household friend


When we think of the perfect friend, we often think of someone who has us in mind, wishes us well, and pays attention to what’s important to us. This could be an equally good description of an intelligent connected power monitor that optimises your charging in relation to other loads in the property.

Power monitors such as Charge Amps’ Amp Guard keep tabs on your main fuse to ensure the charging speed does not exceed the capacity of the property’s fuse. It monitors the consumption of the entire property and adjusts the charging station’s output to that of other electricity consumption in the building. This means that the charging speed is reduced when consumption approaches its peak level and increases again when consumption falls.

Instead of risking an overload in the property, causing the fuses to trip, the power monitor ensures that the charging current is maximised according to existing capacity. In an average detached property, this can increase the total charging capacity from around 55 kWh/day to approximately 75 kWh/day. For those who own an electric car, this can make a big difference, providing up to 35% faster charging, since the car can benefit from all the power available.

Power meters such as Amp Guard can also work with solar cell installations, for example, and be connected to cloud services via WiFi or LAN. As an energy meter, it can also be covered by the government grant for the installation of charging stations, and you can apply for the grant for the power monitor at the same time as you apply for one for the charging station.

So, in other words, there are plenty of good reasons to become acquainted with a power monitor, and who knows, perhaps you’ll click straight away!

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