There is no place like home – at least when it comes to EV charging


Charging your electric car at home is the most cost-effective solution for EV-owners. When charging at home you can ensure you have an electricity contract that is fitting and price competitive with regards to your needs. You can also ensure you charge at times when the energy costs are lower, such as during the night. In addition to this, at home you can also charge at a slower rate over a longer period of time, which is often more cost-effective.

Don’t get us wrong, public chargers are great, at least as a supplement if you are travelling longer distances. They help you charge your vehicle in a fairly short period of time. And often they coincide with a nice roadside break anyway, giving you a chance to refuel coffee as well. But they cost, often quite a lot. And prices are increasing, Tesla for instance recently signalled that they will raise the costs for charging at their stations quite substantially. The public chargers have also become increasingly popular, meaning that you often have to wait for some time in que, before being able to charge up your ride.

So it is fair to say that it is important to have cost effective and reliable charging at home. It gives you a charged-up car whenever you need it, and ensures that your budget for owning a EV stays reasonable. Most countries nowadays also offer public subsidies for installing a charging station at home, check if this is valid for you.

But why not charge in your standard wall socket in the meantime you might think? Well, in theory it is an option, but standard wall sockets are not built for the long-term stress of charging a vehicle. Different kind of malfunction can occur in both car and building that can result in costly damages, and often this is not covered by your insurance, who demand that you use a suitable EV charging station.

So, save time, money, and the environment by ensuring you have an effective charging station at home. If you are unsure which model might suit you best, please have a read here.

Charge safely and enjoy your ride!

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