This is how Charge Amps Amp Guard works


Efficient, smooth, and easy to use. Our improved power monitor Charge Amps Amp Guard offers trouble-free charging and an easier everyday life. Linnea Timgren, Product Manager at Charge Amps, tells us more about how the product creates an optimised charging.

A charging station and a charging cable are needed to charge an EV – but to create the most ideal and optimised experience, a Charge Amps Amp Guard is also needed. That’s what Linnea Timgren, Product Manager at Charge Amps, thinks.

– Charge Amps Amp Guard is a power monitor, also known as load balancer or load control device, that dynamically distributes the electricity between the home and the car. This means that the users don’t have to think about their electricity consumption or worry about fuses blowing when the EV is charging and other large electricity consumers are running, she says.

Charge Amps Amp Guard is mounted to the electrical system and measures the consumption in the house or property you live in. It measures and controls the entire house’s electricity consumption, dynamically distributes the electricity between the household’s appliances and automatically knows how much is left to charge the car with.

– This means that the electrical system will never be overloaded, while at the same time the customers can be assured that all available energy is being used. Charge Amps Amp Guard is smarter, smoother, and offers better functions – both now and in the future, says Linnea, adding:

– It makes both charging and everyday life much smoother. You should be able to cook, watch TV and shower while the EV is getting charged.

Linnea talks more about how Charge Amps Amp Guard has been developed to enable an optimised charging.

– We have focused a lot on function and design to simplify for our customers. Despite its small size of only ten centimeters, it is very efficient and can handle up to 63 A, which basically covers all houses. It is also easily connected to our cloud service Charge Amps Cloud, where you can see the consumption of the electricity in the house and how it best can be used.

One of Charge Amps latest functions is Green Charging, where you as owner of solar panels can seize the sunrays to charge your EV. Economical and sustainable charging made possible by Charge Amps Amp Guard.

– The function is easily activated in the Charge Amps App, where you can then choose to charge with self-produced electricity during times of the day when electricity is most expensive, and then charge from the grid when it is cheaper. You can also, if you have your own solar cells, set charging with 100 percent green electricity, and then the car will be charged with renewable and self-produced energy, says Linnea.

Charge Amps always strives to contribute to a more sustainable future, and constantly has a strong focus on sustainability. One part of the work involves future-proofing our products, which means that they will last and be relevant for many years to come. Charge Amps Amp Guard is no exception.

– There will be several different updates that can be added to Charge Amps Amp Guard in the future, I’m not going into what it means specifically right now, but it will be good, Linnea concludes.

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