Your charging station will fall in love with Charge Amps Beam


The robust charging cable that makes your charging experience smooth and efficient. Linnea Timgren, Product Manager at Charge Amps, explains why Charge Amps Beam simplifies your everyday life.

It takes two components to create the ideal experience when charging your EV: a charging station and a charging cable. Charge Amps can provide you with both elements in their assortment – introducing Charge Amps Beam, a robust charging cable with a unique design.

Charge Amps focuses on design and function in all stages. Charge Amps Beam is no exception, Linnea says.

– Charge Amps Beam is a beautifully designed and robust charging cable that withstand temperatures from -30 °C up to +45 °C. We have moulded the cable into the handle, which makes it very durable and practical while minimising the risk of dirt and moisture getting in.

There are three different versions of Charge Amps Beam: one single-phase, 32 amperes, and two three-phases, which are 20 and 32 amperes. Common for the three is that they all are solidly evaluated.

– We continually strive to improve our products. We tested different parking scenarios to find the perfect length, resulting in a 6 meters long cable. Enough to reach the EV charger but not too long to handle and store.

The charging cable comes with a practical bag to store your cable and free your car from dirt. – The cable bag has been thoughtfully chosen, making it easier to carry and taking less space in your vehicle. It is simply user-friendly, Linnea continues.

Charge Amps Beam creates a complete charging solution.

– If you buy a charging station, you also need a charging cable. The cable is designed to align with our other products and comes in the same color tone. Your charging station will fall in love with Charge Amps Beam, Linnea concludes.

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