Charge Amps’ Expansion to the Australian Market – Charging EVs in more than 30 Countries


Charge Amps has entered a distribution partnership with Melbourne based EVolution, which infers that EVolution will be reselling Charge Amps charging stations and cables nationwide.


‘’We find it very exciting to be stepping into a growing market at such an early stage, especially to one with enormous potential like Australia. A recent study shows that 90% of all cars on Australian roads can be electrical by the year 2050. In EVolution, we have found an energetic partner who wants to progress and expand with us. We share the same vision and passion for offering high-level design and innovative charging solutions that will also improve our environment’’

says Felicia Nygård, Charge Amps Communications and marketing manager.


EVolution was founded 2015 in Melbourne and are retailers of charging equipment and offer installment services for charging stations, for both individual and commercial use throughout Australia.

‘’If you are getting something mounted on your house, we think that you would want it to be attractive and cool, that is exactly what Charge Amps offers! We love the quality of the products and the aesthetics of the accompanying software from Charge Amps. No other manufacturer has a solution as complete as this and that is why we are extremely proud and happy that we could partner up and share these fantastic products with Australia’’

says Russ Shepard, CEO and founder of EVolution.


Since 2016, Charge Amps also has a partnership with another distributor in Oceania, Blue Cars, which is based in New Zeeland.


For further information please contact:

Felicia Nygård, Communications and marketing manager +46 (0) 73 503 50 72