Swedish greentech company, Charge Amps, launches in South America


13.07.2021 – STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN: Charge Amps ( has aggressive expansion plans for Europe and recently entered new markets including the UK and Germany. The company is now taking on the world’s fifth largest country in terms of population; Brazil.

Earlier this year, Charge Amps raised 130M SEK in new capital from Swedbank Robur. The investment is being used to strengthen Charge Amps’ global brand and to prepare the company for its upcoming IPO. New figures show that Charge Amps’ sales grew by 200 % during Q1 2021, compared to the same period last year.

Brazil has historically been associated with its large oil producers, and as the world’s fifth largest exporter of ethanol. However, the Brazilian government recently laid out ambitious plans for the transition away from fossil-fuels, with a goal to have renewables make up 45% of its energy mix by 2030.

At present, ethanol represents approximately 50% of fuel used for road transport in Brazil, despite ethanol-powered cars releasing nearly four times as much CO2 as electric cars. But this is set to change. In 2020, the sales of electric and hybrid cars increased by 66% compared to last year, and the demand for charging infrastructure is increasing.

Anders Bergtoft, CEO of Charge Amps comments: “Brazil is a giant market with enormous potential, where the interest in electric cars and associated charging infrastructure is growing rapidly. In order for Brazil to reach its goals to drastically increase the use of renewable energy sources, the transition from today’s ethanol-powered cars to electric vehicles will be absolutely necessary.”

Charge Amps’ products are sold via local distributors and retail partners, with products often installed by independent electricians in all of its markets. The company’s first distributor in Brazil is Swedish family business Målmarks, which delivers products and solutions for customers worldwide. Målmarks is Scandinavia’s leading provider of products relating to the vehicle industry and will be working with a network of retailers, distributors and installers, operators of parking garages as well as carmakers and importers, for the distribution of Charge Amps’ products.

André Spínola, CEO of Målmarks comments: “We will offer an all-encompassing solution, meaning the sales of charging stations direct to consumers, partnerships with parking garages, with or without installation, as well as the development of payment systems for customers. With a network of over 15,000 installers, we provide services and after sales to environmentally-conscious customers right across Brazil.”

Charge Amps’ full range is designed and produced in Sweden and developed to be durable in all climates and weather conditions, with its Charge Amps Halo charging station having the highest IP rating on the market. Its products are made from recycled aluminium and recognised by their distinctively sleek and iconic design, which has been developed by former Koenigsegg Design Director, Joachim Nordwall. Charge Amps’ charging stations are made to be user-friendly while maximising energy and cost-efficiency. This is enabled through smart features such as dynamic phase and load balancing and smart scheduling of charging.