With record orders Charge Amps is set for doubling turnover in 2020


Despite both society as a whole and many companies severely affected by the ongoing pandemic, Charge Amps forecast that the company will double its turnover in 2020. The forecast is based on strong growth within the electric and hybrid vehicle segments, together with positive developments in Sweden and the Nordic region.

“We were prepared to be negatively affected by the significant events we saw in the world during this spring,” says Anders Bergtoft, CEO of Charge Amps. “But instead we see demand rising strongly and have our production running at full capacity. We are particularly pleased by this as our products are designed and built in Sweden.”

“For a few years now, we have been expecting a significant breakthrough with regards to sales of electric and hybrid vehicles, and now we believe it has arrived. As a record number of electric and hybrid models will be launched in 2021/22, this is clearly reflected in the number of orders we’re receiving, which has set new records for both August and September,” adds Anders Bergtoft.

Charge Amps supplies premium solutions for charging electric vehicles – smarter, better designed and more sustainable. The success the company has enjoyed in Sweden is now spreading to other parts of Europe.
It is anticipated that the global market for charging infrastructure will be worth USD 140 billion in 2030, and according to the latest Research & Markets report, the market is expanding at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 31.2 percent.
“Charge Amps has just begun our international journey and it´s great to see we are growing faster than the market as a whole, and in the coming six months we will be launching our solutions in several additional markets across Europe,” says Anders Bergtoft. “We expect this to give our turnover an additional boost.”

Intelligent and sustainable design

As charging stations take an increasingly prominent position in both public environments and private homes, Charge Amps has placed great emphasis on creating solutions with an accessible design. The latest products are the brainchild of industrial designer Joachim Nordwall, who previously have designed vehicles for Koenigsegg.

“As we see it, design isn’t simply a matter of making sure our products look good in their setting, we also want them all to be intuitive and very user-friendly,” says Anders Bergtoft. “What is more, we choose materials such as recycled aluminium that are not only suitable for our climate, but also contribute to increased sustainability.”


For additional information contact:

Anders Bergtoft, CEO, Charge Amps AB
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Felicia Nygård, Chief Marketing Officer, Charge Amps AB
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