Reference Case

Elektroskandia chooses Charge Amps Aura

Reference Case

Elektroskandia chooses Charge Amps Aura

When Elektroskandia decided to provide its stores and offices with charging stations, Charge Amps were a perfect match for this. And when the company car fleet switched to EVs, the choice of charging station was obvious – which means that employees, visitors, and customers can now easily charge their EV at Elektroskandia’s HQ and store.

Elektroskandia’s HQ is in Rotebro, Stockholm. The company, founded back in 1904, is Sweden’s leading electrical engineering wholesaler and offers around 250 000 products in its assortment and over 45 000 in storage. Since a couple of years ago, Charge Amps products is included in the offer.

– The e-mobility segment has increased in recent years, so we decided to focus on that market and then added Charge Amps’ products to our product portfolio. I think it’s a perfect match, says Elektroskandia’s Marketing Manager Martin Cederström.

But it’s not only the products from Charge Amps that Martin appreciates.

– Charge Amps has an active organization that markets their products and helps both our customers and our sellers. They are good at creating a demand for its products among our customers, he says.

Sebastion Rosén works as a Salesman at Elektroskandia, and he’s also satisfied with the Charge Amps cooperation.

– We get good support from their sales staff. It can be in terms of training, that we go out on joint visits or meet installers together. And because they are active and great at creating a demand, we get many questions about their charging stations.

– I’d say that the biggest benefits with Charge Amps is the combination of good products, fast deliveries, and easy installations.

Elektroskandia chose Charge Amps Aura for charging service at HQ and store

Recently, Elektroskandia updated its company car fleet and switched to EVs. Since the need to charge the car also exists at work, they made the decision to install charging stations at the office parking lots around Sweden.

– We chose Charge Amps because they met the requirements that we set together with our partner Eways, who did the installations. We also wanted to offer our employees the possibility to easily charge their EV through a custom designed charging card, while at the same time we wanted customers or other visitors to have the opportunity to charge their EVs and then pay via Swish.

Martin explains further.
– We chose to install Charge Amps Aura, and I think it’s a great charging station that fits in with our surroundings. Thanks to the good cooperation and based on the need that exists among our store customers, we felt that we wanted Charge Amps charging stations in our parking lot. We are satisfied with the choice and the reception among our employees and visitors has been very positive.