A charging station that enhances the design experience


When the first electric cars were launched, their design really stood out and people’s opinions were divided on whether they were attractive or ugly. As the sector has matured, the design has also evolved, and several electric car models are now regarded as being the absolute pinnacle of design. As for charging stations, design development was also initially challenging, to say the least.

In the past, many charging stations had a design that at best could be regarded as bland and at worst looked like an oversized socket from the 1980s. Charge Amps was founded with the ambition to change that.

Enhancing the environment

Using sustainable materials and a design that feels both harmonious and stylish, we not only avoided charging stations that negatively impacted the aesthetics of the settings they were placed in, we also gained something that enhanced these environments. The leading designer Joachim Nordwall, who along with the company created charging stations that enhance the living environment, is behind the design of the latest solutions.

No tangling

This means that tangled cables are now a thing of the past. Instead, Swedes are now being offered charging solutions for their homes that both fit in and stand out in a positive sense over time. There has been a tremendous response. Charge Amps doubled its turnover over the past year, and its solutions can now be found in many homes.

But the journey does not end here: Charge Amps is determined to continue developing intuitive and intelligent charging stations for those Swedes who want to get more out of their living environment and who put design and energy optimisation above everything else.

Heart of the home

By becoming the heart of the Swedish home in terms of efficient energy control, Charge Amps’ solutions have attained a leading position on the market. Our solutions always feature the appropriate intelligence and design – whichever one you choose. You can see some of our solutions HERE.

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