Can I charge my car at work?


Yes, more and more companies offer options for charging your electric car at work. It makes sense, as it is getting more popular to get an EV and the demand for charging at home and at work has increased significantly. It is often a smooth process to install a charging station at work and we will cover all you need to know. 

People travel from near and far to go to work and in an increasing number of cases an electric car does the job. Therefore, more companies offer charging stations next to work. It enables employees to open a fully charged vehicle at the end of the day. This can be helpful for so many reasons, not least if you need to go shopping, take the kids to soccer practice and then some.

What solutions for companies do Charge Amps offer?

Charge Amps offer several different attractive offers to companies who want to install charging stations. With Charge Amps Aura and Charge Amps Halo, companies can find the right charging station for their needs. Both charging stations offer flexibility and optimal use.

There are several reasons for Charge Amps charging stations being a popular choice for companies. On one hand the solutions are easy to use and future proof, on the other hand they are sustainable and offer a good ROI.

Can the same charging station be used by multiple users?

Yes, Charge Amps Aura for instance offers double charging capacity, meaning that a single charging station can be used by several people simultaneously. The charging station offers smart functionality that effectively distributes the capacity in an optimal way for everyone.

How do you install a charging station for multiple users?

If the land on which you would like to install the charging station is owned by someone else, you might need a permit. Next, it could be helpful to contact your power distribution company to identify the most effective way to get electricity. Finally, you select a reseller and a certified installer who will install your charging station.

Final words

Companies who install charging stations are considered more attractive workplaces by many employees. Therefore, it could be considered a key effort to keep and recruit talent. Apart from offering employees smooth charging of their electric cars, it also sends signals that this company wants to take a leading role when it comes to transitioning to fossil free transports and make a sustainable contribution. These are values that are shared by an increasing number of people across our society.

We at Charge Amps have extensive experience in installing charging stations in different environments and can guide you from start to finish. It is often a swift and smooth process. Find your nearest certified installer here.


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