Can I charge my electric car if I live in a condominium?


Yes, many EV owners can charge their electric car where they live, also when they live in a condominium. This is due to the fact that more and more condominium communities install charging stations. If your condo community has not yet installed charging stations, you could bring it up with those in charge. When you have reached a decision, the installation goes quickly. 

Why should condominium communities offer charging stations?

The need for charging stations increases as more and more residents get an electric car. A lot of communities have already installed charging stations, and more are on their way. The popularity makes sense as the benefits are plenty. It offers a cost-effective and smooth way to charge your EV in your house. Charging stations also make the condos more attractive, which could lead to increased valuation of apartment units in the house.

What solutions do Charge Amps offer to apartment and condominium communities?

Charge Amps offer several solutions for communities who want to install charging stations. For those who prefer a fixed charging cable, Charge Amps Halo is the best-seller. For those looking to charge two cars at the same charging station, Charge Amps Aura is the most popular choice.

All Charge Amps charging stations have future proof hardware together with a smart and easy-to-use software. Also, they are made from sustainable material that works in all weathers and has a clean design. With simple installation, charging stations from Charge Amps offer a good return on investment for the community, and offer safe and cost-effective charging for all EV owners.

A lot of communities also choose to add load balancing functionality to their charging station. This helps the whole building coordinate energy consumption to ensure electricity is used in the most optimal and cost-effective way.

How much does it cost for an apartment community?

The total cost to install charging stations in an apartment community depends on a number of factors, such as how many charging stations you would like to have as well as how the current infrastructure looks like. In order to be future proof, a lot of communities choose to install more charging stations than what the existing demand asks for, as the demand often increases when the charging stations are installed.

To install charging stations in a community helps the unit owners to charge their electric car in as cost-effective way as possible. Also experiences from realtors and apartment communities show that charging stations often increase interest in the building and the valuation of the apartment units.

How do you install it?

All you need to install a charging station is access to power. Please note though, that the installation must be executed by a certified electrician. With our extensive network of partners, we can help you from start to finish. Find your nearest certified installer here.

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