First glance at fall 2021 EV models


While the fall might feel distant as you lay on the beach with a big ice cream in your hand, it is just a month away. To cheer us up we have taken a first look at all the exciting EV cars being launched during the fall and early winter. It is evident that the car manufacturers really have picked up speed and there are some cool options in the pipeline.

Nissan Ariya

The new EV from Nissan has unfortunately been delayed for a few months and the launch is expected around year-end. But it could be worth waiting for, as the Ariya will come in different versions and have a range from 360 to 400 kilometres.

BMW i4

The Germans have aggressive plans for rolling out EVs in the coming years and the i4 is a key launch. You can start ordering it already now, with deliveries later in the fall. It comes in the shape of a Gran Coupé and is delivered with a reach of 590 kilometres. Get to work on time this fall with 544 horsepower and 0-100 km/h in 3,8 seconds.


Our Bavarian friends also give us more options this fall with the iX, who is expected in November. It is built on a new technology and being offered in two versions, the xDrive40 and xDrive50. It comes with a lot of horsepower, from 326 to 523, depending on version. It also has an advanced driver assistance system and offers a range of up to 630 kilometres.

Cupra Born

The manufacturing of the new EV Born, with the name inspired by the popular part of the city in Barcelona, starts in September. It is the first EV from Seats premium brand and it is said to target young people. Regardless of age you get a reach of 540 kilometres and 231 horsepower.

Kia EV6

Kia also picks up speed and launches new EVs this fall. The EV6 is built on the new platform E-GMP and will have a reach of up to 510 kilometres and offers a stunning 584 horsepower in the most advanced version.

Mercedes Benz EQS

As BMW, Mercedes has also gotten the production of EVs going. August brings the first deliveries of the EQS and according to a German magazine the owners of this model will experience the “best EV in the world.” The reach is 770 kilometres and it offers the ”least air resistance ever”.

Mercedes Benz EQB

A bit later this fall Mercedes will launch an additional model, the EQB, which will fit the larger family by offering 7 seats. So bring your soccer team for a 420 kilometre long ride and enjoy the near 300 horsepower boost.

Tesla Model Y

Elon Musk not only goes to space, he is also launching new models for all grounded EV enthusiasts outside the US market. The deliveries of Model Y start in August and will offer 505 kilometre reach. Might not be enough to get to space, but sure is enough for your Sunday drive.


The development of EVs has really picked up speed and the new models launched this fall shows that there is something for almost everyone. Read more about how you could optimise the use of your EV with our charging solutions.

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