How Charge Amps embrace innovation


Behind Charge Amps leading position in the market there is a tireless focus on innovation. From the kitchen in the founder’s home in Sollentuna to more and more markets around the world, the company has created solutions that contributes to a more sustainable society. Come along for our innovation race!

Charge Amps has always been driven by the ambition to offer a better, simpler and smarter way to manage electrical vehicles. It all started in 2012 in a kitchen in Stockholm suburb of Sollentuna. Founder Fredrik Jonsson had just bought his first EV and realised that the available solutions for charging where all but intelligent or sustainable. He saw the need for smart hardware and software and how it could contribute to inspiring more people to own an EV.

Here comes Charge Amps Spark

The first solution that was developed was a flexible well-designed low weight charging cable. Adding to this, it could be used and bent also when it was very cold. Its name was Spark and it made a big impact in the market. The key to its success was high quality, sustainable components, premium design and smart functionality.

Fredrik Jonsson did not stop there, he wanted to continue to challenge the market. He gathered a team and started producing the first charging station Charge Amps Halo in 2015. Its design was different from other solutions in the market and it was easier to use. To no surprise, it quickly became a bestseller.

Charge Amps Cloud

The year after Charge Amps presented a new innovative cloud service, storing data in an accessible, connected and intelligent way. This enabled the charging solutions to become even smarter. Fast forward to 2019, and it was time to disrupt the market again. This time with the charging station Charge Amps Aura.

At that time, many solutions in the market had components in plastic, which was not sustainable nor durable. Charge Amps Aura changed all that by using recycled aluminium. The design was also different, shaped by Joachim Nordwall, who had been lead designer at sportscar maker Koenigsegg.

Once a challenger, always a challenger

Charge Amps has disrupted the market for almost a decade, focusing on sustainable products and intelligent solutions. It has helped generations of EV-owners to charge in a smart, safe and flexible way. Despite Charge Amps now being a market leader, it still tries to challenge the market with innovation.

Fredrik Jonsson also still has a key role in the innovation process, ensuring everything is looked at. If something could be done more flexible, better, more beautiful or smarter, Charge Amps should push for it. Proud but not complacent, one could summarise it.  We will continously update you on the innovations we do, so follow us on the blog, because everything we do, we do for you.

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