How does a charging cable for electric cars work?


A charging cable connects your socket or charging station with the battery of your car, enabling you to smoothly charge your electric vehicle. But since a charging cable is so much more than a cable, we will run through everything connected to charging cables. So, grab yourself a cup of coffee and get ready to learn more. 

What is a charging cable?

A charging cable is made up of a few different parts, first you have a connector that plugs into your car, then you have the length of the wire and finally another plug, which you connect to a power source. The actual charging cable consists of several parts and functionality, such as the material from which the cable is made and what power and connections it can handle. Also, many cables include smart functionality such as temperature sensors.

How does a charging cable work?

The charging cable plays a key role in charging your electric car, as it transfers electricity from the power source to the battery of your car. This can be done in several different ways, for instance connecting the cable to your charging station or connecting it to a regular socket. After you connect the cable to your car, the charging can begin.

Different types

As we mentioned above, there are several different cable types, such as type 1 and type 2, where type 2 nowadays are the dominating standard across Europe and other parts of the world. It is also the dominating type at public charging stations. Some older EVs can have the type 1 connection though.

Different outputs

Aside from the different connection types, cables are also able to handle different maximum amperage levels. You select amp output level based on what your charging station can handle as well as what your car can manage. However, to ensure you future-proof your charging cable, you can choose a higher output than your current charging station and car can handle, as the other equipment ensures the correct maximum output level. A cable with more amp output could weigh more, however it can be just a slight difference. A common selection right now is 20 A charging cable.

Different sizes

You also need to decide how long your charging cable should be. The distance between the charging station and the connection socket in the car is the most important factor. Common lengths are 5 or 7,5 meters. It could be nice to know that the length of the cable does not impact the functionality of the cable, it offers the same performance regardless.

Different material

Another factor when selecting charging cables, is the material of which the cable is made from. Often it is both sustainable, using recycled materials, as well as durable, working in all weathers. Charge Amps always uses material that is both sustainable and durable, enabling the cable to work smoothly in all climates.

New labels

On March 20, the EU introduced new rules for electric cars and public charging stations, that will make it easier for you to charge. All new electric vehicles will get a symbol with a letter at the connection socket, that is matched with the symbol and letter at the charging cable and the charging station, ensuring you are making the right connections.

Which charging stations do our charging cables work with?

It is an excellent choice to connect the charging cable Charge Amps Beam to the charging station Charge Amps Aura. It offers a well-functioning and future proof combination, supporting you today and well into the future. Charge Amps Beam works with all type 2 charging stations in the market.

What are the differences between Charge Amps charging cables?

Charge Amps offers charging stations with both fixed or standalone charging cables. To meet all kinds of needs, Charge Amps also offers two types of standalone charging cables, Charge Amps Beam and Charge Amps Ray.

Charge Amps Beam is a versatile charging cable that works at home as well as in a public charging station along your journey. Charge Amps Beam uses type 2 connection and can charge up to 20 A. The cable is delivered in a handy bag and has a durable construction that works in all climates.

Charge Amps Ray helps you charge directly from a normal wall socket. While this is not something we recommend in general, it is a good backup solution to have in your car. Charge Amps Ray offers the smallest control box in the market with double temperature sensors, helping you avoid any dangerous heating.

What are the benefits of our charging cables?

Regardless of which cable you choose from Charge Amps, you will get a cable with clean and smart design. With our different alternatives it is easy to find the best option for your specific needs. With carefully selected material and innovative technology you will get a charging cable that is sustainable and future proof. Please feel free to get in touch with us for any additional information on charging cables!

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