Setting up more charging points in a housing association


Many housing associations in Sweden are receiving more and more requests from members to install charging points within the association. It isn’t all that surprising if we consider that the number of electric cars is increasing as each month passes, now totalling more than 160,000 in the country. There are, of course, plenty of advantages in being able to charge your electric car in the association’s parking spaces, so we’ve put together some tips for associations that would now like to provide charging points for their members.

Plenty of help is available for associations that want to make a decision on the issue, with simple guides from public authorities, interest groups and suppliers. As a leading player in the sector, we at Charge Amps would like to share our experiences of how housing associations can best provide more charging stations.


Five tips from the experts

  • Make it simple. Many electric car owners have just bought their first electric car and are not sure of how anything works – from the car’s range to the charging itself. In such cases, it can feel safer if the association has chosen equipment and apps that are easy to understand and use.
  • Spare a thought for the climate. If there’s one thing that’s subject to change in Sweden, it’s the weather, and at our latitudes it can get really cold. So choose equipment that has been tested for use in a Nordic climate and you will avoid the charging cable freezing solid.
  • Keep track of the total costs. It’s easy to be tempted by a low installation price, but the investment the association makes will continue to have a financial impact long after the equipment has been put in place. Compare the overall costs over time before making a decision.
  • Coordinate with the entire building. Select solutions with good software that controls the output and optimises charging in relation to other loads in the property. This will enable you to obtain a clear overview and the greatest possible output for the lowest possible cost to your members.
  • Take a longer-term perspective. Since the charging stations you choose will be in place for a long time, it may be worth choosing equipment that is both aesthetically pleasing and sustainable in the long term, in materials such as recycled aluminium instead of plastic. Also, select a supplier that will continue to develop the crucial software for a long time to come.

Remember that charging stations not only have to meet members’ charging needs, but also affect the value of the properties in the housing association to an increasing extent. This is an issue that also seems to be becoming more important over time. Please contact us if you as an association would like guidance based on your specific situation!

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