The best EV charging station for your home


As more and more people get an electric car, there is an increased demand for charging stations in homes. But how do you choose the best charging station? At Charge Amps we are experienced in guiding people to the right charging station. To make it easy, we have listed the most important factors to consider.

How many sockets do you need?

If all things indicate that you will only have one EV in the household going forward, it could be wise to select a charging station with one socket, such as Charge Amps Halo. For many however, the two socket charging stations are their preferred choice, partly due to more EVs coming into the household, partly due to the need for frequent guests to charge. In these cases, a lot of people choose solutions like Charge Amps Aura.

Is the charging station future proof?

In order to ensure that the charging station you choose is future proof it is important to check that it can handle enough kwh in relation to your EV as well as ensuring that it is made from durable material and comes with a software that is continuously updated.

Will it handle heat and cold?

If you live up north it might be more important to choose a charging station that is made from material that can stand cold temperatures, while you in the south should check for heat. Ensure your charging stations follow the highest IP coding. At Charge Amps we test all charging stations during extreme conditions to ensure functionality regardless of temperature, so no more stiff cables on a cold January morning.

Is it environmentally friendly?

Reusing material is more and more important in society and you should look for a charging station that reuses material in a smart way. For instance, at Charge Amps we use recycled aluminium in all our charging stations, creating the best sustainable and functional solution. Also check for a supplier that does not transport the charging stations from any production in far away places.

Does it fit your surroundings?

If you choose a future proof and durable charging station it will last for many years. Therefore, it is important to have a design that both fits and delights your surroundings. The charging stations from Charge Amps are for instance made from premium material that last for a long time and have a clean design made by Joachim Nordwall, who previously designed sports cars for Koenigsegg, among other things.

Is it smart?

In all likelihood your EV is smart and then you also want a smart charging station. So choose a charging station with a trustworthy software that is updated regularly and uses the cloud to give you easy access to information.

Can it balance?

Load balancing is all about optimising the capacity in the charging station and ensuring it is coordinated with the energy consumption in the rest of the house. Ensure you choose a charging station that offers load balancing, it saves both money and the environment.

In conclusion

A lot of EV owners discover how easy it is to use a lot of the functionality in the car. It should be the same when you use a good charging station. It should be easy to buy, easy to install and easy to use. Therefore, you should go for the charging station that fits your needs. Our seven key factors above give some guidance as to what is important to most EV owners. But please let us know if there is something on your mind, or if you want to get in touch with any of our certified installers.

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