What charging solutions do Charge Amps offer for public charging stations?


With more and more electric cars in use the need for public charging stations increases significantly. Charge Amps offer several different solutions, such as Charge Amps Aura and Charge Amps Halo. These charging stations are designed to manage tough weather and vandalism. The solutions also include unique software that enables remote administration, monitoring and maintenance. 

What are the benefits of Charge Amps public charging stations?

Charge Amps Aura and Charge Amps Halo can be installed in all public spaces. Charging stations in these places need to be user-friendly, durable and easy to maintain. Charge Amps meet all these requirements and offer several solutions specifically designed for harsh conditions. The charging stations are fully protected, withstanding everything from vandalism to moisture. The charging stations are also easy to install and offer automatic updates to the latest version of the software through the network, which means that no technician needs to be onsite. .

What are the benefits of using a public charging station?

While charging at your charging station at home is often the most cost-effective solution, there are several benefits of using public charging stations.

The most obvious benefit is of course that you prolong the potential reach of your journey by using a public charging station. Nowadays there are thousands of public charging stations along the roads and different apps help you find the nearest one.

To make a stop and charge is also beneficial from a traffic safety perspective, as the pause could recharge both the car and you as a driver. Also, there are plenty of beautifully located charging stations offering a chance to both enjoy the view and a coffee.

Public charging stations can also be a smart way for retailers to attract customers. By offering charging stations in connection with stores and malls, customers can shop while charging their car.

It can also be beneficial for companies to install public charging stations next to the office. By offering employees an opportunity to charge the car during the workday, it can boost your brand and attract talent.

What differentiates Charge Amps solutions from other vendors?

Charge Amps offers well designed solutions for public charging stations. The charging stations has several benefits compared to other vendors in the market, such as:

  • Designed to be used in harsh conditions
  • Highest IP-rating in the market
  • Protection against vandalism and moisture
  • Functional aesthetics
  • Software updates through the internet – no technician needed onsite
  • Unique cloud solution offering optimal monitoring and control
  • Scalable white label solutions for bigger projects
  • Easy to install and maintain


Who do I contact for more information?

Together with our knowledgeable resellers and installers we have thorough experience in supporting installations of public charging stations. Find your nearest certified installer here.

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