What is Charge Amps Aura?


Charge Amps Aura is a charging station from Charge Amps that enables you to charge several electric cars simultaneously. With more and more electric cars in homes and offices everywhere, there is an increasing need to have charging stations that can charge multiple cars at the same time. That is one of the reasons why Charge Amps Aura with its dual charging capability has become so popular. Let us do a deep dive into this world class charging station. 

Charge Amps Aura is the perfect fit for everyone who wants to charge two electrical vehicles at the same time. Maybe you have two EVs in the household or want to accommodate guests with charging capabilities, or maybe you want to bring the right capacity to your residential building or office. Regardless, Charge Amps Aura meets your need with two 22 kW sockets in a cleanly designed charging station.

Charge Amps Aura is designed by Charge Amps designer Joachim Nordwall and offers a clean Scandinavian industrial look, using sustainable material like recycled aluminium. The shapes are streamlined with premium silver surfaces that both blend in and stands out in an inspiring way.

Flexibility and simplicity

While Charge Amps Aura can manage up to 2 x 22 kW, you can select the capacity that best matches the specific capabilities of your infrastructure. It has stylish LED-lights that indicate status, and the charging station is also prepared for load balancing, meaning you can optimise both your charging as well as the energy distribution in the whole building.

Charge Amps Aura easily connects to Charge Amps cloud service, which together with the app makes it easy to control how it is used. It is also a future proof charging station, prepared for the EV-world of tomorrow. For example, Charge Amps Aura is prepared to manage the future vehicle-to-grid technology, where your car can be used for storing energy for the grid.

What is included when I buy a Charge Amps Aura?

As with all Charge Amps solutions, everything you need is included when you buy our charging stations. In the box you will find the Charge Amps Aura charging station, configuration document, cable slide with fittings, plugs and screw, cable fitting for power: 13–17.5 mm and 17–25 mm, cable fitting for data: 4–8 mm and two keys for the cylinder lock. Your installer will provide four M8 screws for assembly, selecting screws according to wall material, and also brings four suitable washers for the previously selected M8 screws.

How do you install it?

Charge Amps Aura is a versatile charging station that can be mounted on walls or poles. While you will find the installation manual here, it is important that you use a certified electrician to do the installation. Please contact us for any referrals.

What makes Charge Amps Aura unique?

Charge Amps Aura separates itself by offering two 22 kW sockets in a clean design that both blends in as well as stand out with its premium look. It can also be connected to a continuously updated cloud service and managed through your smartphone.  It is future proof and prepared for the next steps in EV, such as vehicle-to-grid technology. With Charge Amps Aura you will get innovative design and sustainability in an accessible format.

Read more about the benefits of Charge Amps Aura through our customer Thomas.

Where can I buy it?

We have an extensive selection of resellers and partners, making it easy to buy and install Charge Amps Aura. Find your nearest certified installer here.

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