Charge Amps reinforces technology development, bringing in Ingrid Nordmark as CTO


Ingrid Nordmark will be Charge Amps’ new Chief
Technical Officer as from 1 July.

Ingrid brings a range of skills to the position, with a solid base of experience in R&D management, digitalisation, business development, change management, telecoms and more. She is the obvious choice to support the development of the market for electric vehicle charging solutions, where Charge Amps is one of the most progressive operators in the field.

Fredrik Jonsson, founder of Charge Amps, is taking on the role of Chief Technical Innovation Officer at the company, according top priority to market-leading innovation and new development.

“Charge Amps has always maintained a high level of ambition and innovation in all areas of its development. Recruiting Ingrid Nordmark gives us the opportunity to improve our operative product development at the same time as ramping up the pace of our innovation,” he says.

With Fredrik and Ingrid as CTIO and CTO, respectively, Charge Amps will be well placed to enhance its strengths in technologically leading, user-oriented design even further.

“Having been involved in multiple product life cycles, I’ve learned what it’s most important to prioritise – the importance of having a well-defined product architecture, for example, and of focusing unswervingly on quality. Charge Amps is already an established leader in his respect, but I’m sure that I can help the company reinforce its position here. I’m looking forward to applying my experience from scaling up businesses, using a work method that supports development all the way to the customer. Charge Amps has a deep reservoir of skills in-house. They’ve achieved a great deal in the field of product development in a small and agile organisation.

I’m keen to help Charge Amps take the next step in its development on an expanding market where new ecosystems are being created. The Charge Amps culture, distinguished by everyone helping everyone else and being committed to doing their best, is sure to prove a valuable asset, given that we’re expanding strongly in the area of product development in order to be able to supply our customers with cutting edge functionality and even more advanced products,” says Ingrid.


For further information please contact:

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