Charge Amps Dawn – the complete charging station


An EV charger for both today and the future – that’s how the powerful new charging station Charge Amps Dawn can be described. Rasmus Nerell, Project Manager at Charge Amps, tells us more about the latest addition to Charge Amps product portfolio.

Being a market leader requires flexibility, strength and being able to anticipate what’s to come. With that knowledge, Charge Amps has developed a future-proofed charging station that maximises the charging experience. Rasmus Nerell, Product Manager at Charge Amps, explains.

– We are facing an international expansion so must comply with different EU requirements. With the functionality that Charge Amps Dawn offers, we can meet these requirements and penetrate these new markets. With the flexibility we have in Charge Amps Dawn, customers can be confident that the charging station will be relevant for a long time to come, even if the user needs change, he says.

The development of Charge Amps Dawn has – to ensure quality at all stages – been a long process with, among other things, solid research and needs analysis.

– We have collected a lot of feedback from our end-users and installers, those who actually use the product. To further improve the product, and because we aim to be the installer’s best friend, we have developed Charge Amps Dawn with a back plate. It’s in this plate that the installation and configuration is done, and thanks to the back plate, the cable routing is considerably simplified. In addition to this, we also have “The Installation Wizard” that smoothly guides the installer step by step through the configuration procedure, Rasmus says and adds:

– In order to offer a pleasant user experience, from the moment you plug the charging cable into the charging station until the EV is fully charged, we have developed everything ourselves.

In addition to that, Charge Amps Dawn has been equipped with a certified MID meter and a user-friendly display.

– The display is placed on the side of the charger and clearly shows how many kW the car has been charged with, which gives one hundred percent transparency to the end-user. The in-house developed measurement function is very precise and meets the standards of countries that require a certified solution. So, with this, Charge Amps Dawn opens many doors for Charge Amps internationally, Rasmus says.

The charging station is compatible with all the smart solutions Charge Amps offers today and is easily connected to Charge Amps Cloud and Charge Amps App, which allows the owner to take full control of the charging and benefit from all intelligent solutions. But it’s also future-proofed, meaning it’s ready for future updates as user needs change.

– Charge Amps Dawn is a complete charging experience for both end-users and installers, Rasmus concludes.

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