Commute conveniently by electric car


Electric cars are becoming more and more common on our roads. It’s really encouraging for those of us working for the sustainable development of transport.

Many people are now getting ready to buy their first electric car and a common question is: how well does an electric car work for commuting to and from work? So we’ll highlight some of the key factors to consider for those of you wanting to use your new electric car for commuting.

Distance and range

As the range of electric cars is extended, the car’s overall range becomes less important. But if you’re going to commute a long distance to work, say 200–300 km, it may of course still play a role. Apart from the length of the route, the driving conditions can also affect the range – in other words the type of road surface, and also the speed and driving style. In addition, everyday tips and tricks can have a further impact, such as warming up the car before setting off in the winter and cooling it down in summer.

Charging options

Depending on the range of your electric car, it may be useful to have charging options both at home and at work. A good basis for commuting is to make sure that you have a charging station at home. Financial support is now available on favourable terms for anyone who would like to install one.

Even if the car has sufficient range to get to and from work, it can be worth having charging options near your workplace. One argument in favour of this is that batteries often work best if they aren’t fully charged every day, and in that way you can charge the battery to the right level, at home and at work.

If your workplace doesn’t have any charging options, it may be worth raising the issue with your employer. Many organisations want to encourage sustainable transport, and ensuring that employees have access to charging can be one way of addressing that issue.

In summary

For most people it’s absolutely fine to commute to work by electric car. With a charging station at home, you’re well placed to cope with commuting, although it can often be nice to have further charging options at work. At present many people are working from home, but in the future we’ll probably want to get back into the office, and why not celebrate that by starting to commute sustainably with your own electric car!

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