How to avoid new fees from energy companies


A local energy company in Sweden recently introduced a new pricing model that aims to even out consumption. The reason for the new model is the need to ensure there is enough capacity to deliver electricity to an increasing number of electric cars. The change has created uncertainty among EV-owners who fear higher costs ahead. Scientists, like Anders Grauers from Chalmers University, predict that it in the long term can lead to lower costs and more effective use of the electricity grid.

The changed pricing model aims to get consumers to better even out their consumption during day and night. A specific fee calculates the hour when the highest consumption of the month took place, and multiplies that by 33.5 times. According to researchers the fee is necessary to even out peak consumption and manage more EVs without making large costly expansions to the power grid.

How to keep down the costs

For those who charge their EV at home there are a number of ways you can avoid these types of new charges. One way is to avoid charging at high effect, and another is to avoid charging at peak usage times, for instance between 5-6pm when many households consume a lot of electricity. If possible, it could be smart to charge at night with low effect.

According to the researcher Anders Grauers this is part of a bigger change in society with regards to the power grid and the energy production. As more and more get electric cars and charge them at home, this type of charges creates a necessary bridge to a future where the researchers predict that both grid and energy will be offered at lower prices than today.

Take control of your charging

At Charge Amps our solutions make it possible for users to easily choose the time and the effect to which they want to charge their EV. This way you can control your charging habits at home in a way that both fits the habits of the household as well as optimise the cost effectiveness when energy companies introduce new fees. Please contact us if you want more information on how you can charge in a cheap and smart way!

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