International Women’s Day X Women in Tech



At Charge Amps, we are celebrating International Women’s Day by celebrating women in tech. We asked a few questions to three of our employees about their personal experience in the tech industry and how we can work together towards greater equality and inclusivity in the field.

As we celebrate International Women’s Day, can you share a moment or experience where you felt your contributions as a woman in the charging station industry were particularly valued or acknowledged?


“I found a unique sense of value in my role as an embedded programmer when I encountered a situation where physically testing my code was crucial. Embracing long nails, a personal choice of mine, led me to recognize a potential challenge for others, especially women in the field. By sharing this perspective, I contributed to a more inclusive approach in our work. It was gratifying to realize that small considerations, like accommodating different preferences or styles, can have a positive impact on the usability and accessibility for everyone.”


In your experience, what are some effective strategies for encouraging more women to pursue careers in STEM-related fields, particularly in areas like electric vehicle technology and renewable energy? How can companies like Charge Amps play a role in fostering this interest and talent?


“I think promoting the visibility of female experts in media and events is a key strategy in encouraging more women to pursue STEM careers. I wholeheartedly embrace this approach, which is why I always willingly agree to be featured on social media platforms. This time for Charge Amps, to specifically inspire within green tech. By sharing my personal journey and insights, I hope to challenge stereotypes and illustrate that women can excel in these fields. Embracing visibility becomes a personal commitment as I believe it not only empowers aspiring women but also contributes to reshaping the narrative around gender roles in STEM.”


What advice would you give to young women who are considering a career in tech but may be hesitant due to the industry’s male-dominated reputation?


“I would say embrace your passion and potential. Believe in your capabilities and the transformative impact you can bring to the tech industry. The tech industry is evolving, and your unique perspective and skills are invaluable. Remember that your contribution is not only welcomed but essential for fostering innovation and creating a more inclusive landscape. Your presence will contribute to a more diverse and vibrant tech community. Resist the temptation to compare yourself to others, the uniqueness is a strength, as it contributes to the rich tapestry of perspectives needed to create outstanding products.”

Linda Truong, Embedded Software Engineer

Joanne Nh Wong, UX-designer

In your opinion, what are some misconceptions or stereotypes about women in tech, and how can we work to challenge and overcome them?


“As a UX designer in a heavily engineered organisation I work daily with engineers from several fields (mechanical, embedded software, software and technical solution support). I personally think women in tech are perceived as supporting roles: there is an engineer manager with a team of engineers and usually the misconception lies in that a woman cannot lead a group of technical experts as well as a man could. Women are also rarely given the opportunity to lead, and they have less intention to lead. This also prevails in women getting paid less for the same work and not being offered better career paths in tech. I think this is a systematic problem starting from young age. Girls should be encouraged to take up STEM and venture into technology field as much as possible so we have better work environment and representation of women in tech. By then, we can stop being minority in a tech organisation and actively taking up leadership roles to represent women’s perspective in creating technology for the future.

I strongly feel that the technology advancement is currently based on the same patriarchy social structure because majority of people leading and working with tech are still men. Nothing wrong with that but women should take up more active roles in determining a future with technology that is more inclusive and with broader social perspectives.”


What do you find most rewarding about your work at Charge Amps, particularly in the context of promoting sustainability and eco-friendly practices through electric vehicle charging solutions?


“I feel proud to be in an industry that helps drive towards UN sustainable development goals: playing a part in the whole (clean and smart) energy ecosystem to electrify driving towards a more fossil free living. My role as UX designer at Charge Amps is to put the users and customers at the center of our focus. I feel most rewarded when we have improved customer’s experience and solved the right problems that help them to be more efficient at installing, managing and charging their EVs. For example, I have worked with our Green Charging feature to help customers charge their EVs solely using energy produced from their solar panels. I am also proud to be part of the team working hard to ensure our chargers has long product lifespan with sustainable software offerings through firmware updates and software improvements. This ensures continuous optimal smart EV charging for homes and businesses.”


Looking ahead, what do you envision for the future of women in technology, and how can we collectively work towards achieving greater gender parity and inclusivity in the industry?


“I look forward seeing more female CEOs in tech companies around the world. And we shall collectively and consciously avoid misconceptions and stereotyping, to stop stigmatization entirely. This can be done through actively holding cultural discussion during coffee breaks, invite and encourage everyone in the company to discuss social topics that are deem unimportant or sensitive to talk about. For example, show 2 pictures, a man and a woman, and ask everyone who they rather choose to do something with. And ask them to explain their choices. From there it would be very interesting to start understanding if stereotyping was involved and how could we as a company help each other to create a workplace that is equal and inclusive. We might realise what people say, what people do, and what they say they do are entirely different things.”

Can you share your journey and experience working in the charging station industry. What inspired you to pursue a career in this field?


“I’m interested in electrification and being part of the journey towards a fossil-free society. I think it is important to work with something you believe in and that is interesting and fun. Being a small part of the whole electrification journey and making the transition to an electrical vehicle easier, is what inspires me to continue working in the charging station industry.”


In what ways do you believe diversity and inclusion, including gender diversity, enhance the work environment and innovation at Charge Amps?


“Having diversity internally will increase ideas and dynamics in a company, and that will, of course, influence the products. Different perspectives will create a more innovative environment that can lead to better products and solutions.”


How do you see the role of women evolving in the clean energy and electric vehicle industries, and what steps do you think are necessary to further empower women in these fields?


“As we embrace electrification and the increase of electric vehicles, adapting our current electrical infrastructure is a challenge. In this shift, electrification knows no gender. Women play a crucial role, and their influence is vital for the successful transition to a fossil-free society. Without women, achieving this transformation is incomplete.”

Linnea Timgren, Product Manager