How does community electric car share work?


Many car owners do not use their car very frequently, leading to a surge in interest for community carpooling. As more neighbourhoods install EV charging stations, the interest for electric car sharing in residential buildings also increase. We give you an overview of how to approach it.

There is a general trend of consumers preferring to consume things as a service rather than owning, and this is very true with regards to cars. More and more people prefer to rent rather than own their means of transportation. At the same time the number of EV charging stations are increasing, making it possible for communities and residential buildings to offer EV carpools to those who are interested.

Electric car share benefits

EV carpools in residential buildings can offer the residents a cost effective, flexible, and environmentally friendly way to transport yourself and your loved ones. It can also help the lack of parking spaces common in many residential areas in the bigger cities. For those who are interested in a community or residential building carpool, there are many established services in the market.

These services often include that an external vendor manages all administration and maintenance of the vehicles. It means you do not need to stress about any insurance or management of the fleet. The vehicles are often unlocked and booked by an app offered by the vendor, and many times there is support available around the clock.

How to get started with electric car share

When considering this, some might fear that there would not be enough interest among residents to justify a EV carpool. For those it might be comforting to know that a pool in many cases could start with just one vehicle and then expand if the interest grows. Often it is also possible to open up the booking to other nearby locations, to share the cost with more people.

The cost for having a EV carpool depends on how many vehicles you have and where you are placed in the country. A common setup is that all fees from rentals goes to the external vendor who manages the carpool. The positive side for you is that you will get a lower fixed monthly cost, compared to if you would split the rental revenues with the external vendor.

As a service

Back in the old days, carpools used to be something for enthusiasts, who put in lots of hours to maintain the pool. Nowadays it is a professional service that focuses on supporting the everyday life of people. Sure, in theory you might be able to set up your own carpool in the residential building, but most people would probably choose to approach any of the vendors now on the market offering this type of service.

Carpools is not right for everyone, such as those who want to use a car everyday for work, or those who want to have the car parked a full day at the beach. But it can be an environmentally friendly and smooth option for those who need a car for doing short everyday errands.

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