How to keep your EV cool in the summer


Many EV-drivers are familiar with the connection between cold temperatures and reach, but it is just as important to be aware of how heat impacts your reach. In fact, heat is more likely to affect your battery than cold temperatures. As we move into the summer there are many smart ways you can prepare your EV-trips. Follow our recommendations and avoid wearing out your battery or yourself in the summer heat. 


Six recommendations for EV-driving during hot summer days 

  1. Cool your seat

The most energy efficient way to cool your car is to use your seat cooling functionality if it is available. The next best thing is the air conditioning, which uses less energy than the heating and beats other options, like opening your windows, as this might affect the aerodynamics and reach.

  1. Park and shower

There are many ways you can support your electric car when the sun is burning. Parking your EV in a garage or in the shade will lower the inside temperature. Putting a shield in the windshield can also lower the temperature, just as washing the car with cold water before departure, if possible.

  1. Get connected

Keep the car connected to the charging stations until departure, as this makes it possible for the built-in system to manage the battery and optimise the temperature. Only do this though if you have access to your own charging station, as it would not be considered polite at a public charging station.

  1. Take it slow

While electric cars often have an awesome acceleration, it could be worthwhile to take it a bit easy with the gas pedal during hot days. Acceleration and high speed create unnecessary stress for the battery. Use eco-mode if available and take in the summer breeze.

  1. Charge less, more often

Both fast charging and over charging during warm days can make the battery heat up unnecessarily. Aim for charging up to 80 percent unless you need more for your trip. From a battery perspective it is better to do shorter and more frequent charging and keeping it from being fully loaded makes it require less cooling.

  1. White car with tinted windows

While Henri Ford wanted you to have a black car, the least warm car in the summer could be white. Tinted windows can also be beneficial just as starting your trip early in the morning or late in the evening on those hot summer days.


In conclusion

In many ways the battery of your EV works in the same way as humans, we like it around 20 degrees Celsius and lose energy when it goes below 10 degrees or over 30 degrees. But it is not always possible to travel in optimal conditions and therefore we wish you and your EV a pleasant summer, regardless of temperature.

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