How condominiums manage costs for charging stations


Installing charging stations brings many benefits to condominiums. An increasing number of electric cars on the road also increase the need to charge next to your home. By offering charging stations, condo communities can contribute to a more sustainable world and increase the value of the properties. That is why more and more condominiums install charging stations like Charge Amps Aura and Charge Amps Halo and in this article, we will offer you an overview of different options for financing the use of the charging stations.

While electric cars are getting more popular it is rare that all apartment owners in a condominium have one. Therefore, it is important that the investment and use of a charging station in a condominium is done in a fair way. There is a lot of best practice to benefit from, as many condominiums already have charging stations up and running. Here are the two main options.

How condominiums can charge for charging stations

  1. The user is charged according to actual kWh-usage
  2. The user is charged a flat fee – for instance calculated on actual numbers from the previous year

The benefit of a flat fee is that it is predictable and easy to manage. The fee includes a proportionate part of the investment cost (adjusted to predicted product life span), maintenance costs and a fixed fee for the usage.

The benefits of charging according to usage is that some consider it the fairest. In some cases, ID-tools are used to see who charged what. Often a monthly report is used to charge the user according to usage and cost per kWh.

How condominiums manage charging stations

Most condominiums let the level of interest from users determine how many charging stations they install. But some condominiums choose a different route and create designated parking spots with charging options that could be used temporarily by any member, who will be charged according to usage.

In some cases individual condo-owners invest in charging stations on their own. This could lead to complications if the owner leaves the condominium. More common is that condominiums allow charging stations to be accessible to guests and others when not in use. These users are then charged according to consumption, generating additional income.

Support to condominiums with charging stations

Regardless of which solution you choose, it could be wise to select the option that best matches your available resources. There are plenty of convenient solutions in the market, which helps you administer charging stations in your condominium. Charge Amps work together with partners who offer smooth services to condominiums. Find your nearest certified installer here.


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